Monday, May 19, 2014

The Push


Let me tell you about the other day.

I had not been that passionate and that pissed off in a loooooooooooong time.

I was hot!

It was fierce!


It was my day job.

The day job that used to educate me, emotionally support me, reward me and inspire me was, in a split second, gone.

Forever changed.

Part of my yearly planning was to peacefully leave my day job.  It is truly getting in the way of my business.

I just want to let it go ~ Without any drama, lama ding dong.

And that is scary, because it really has given me a great sense of security for the past 10 1/2 years.

What at first seemed to be an insane, "Really?-One more thing?-This is stroke-level crap!" moments, turned out to be the answer to one of the longest prayers I've ever been engaged in:

"Help me allow something greater.  Help me release this sense of security.  Help me know when it is time to go because I don't know."

In the moments following, I was called to stand up for myself and others, because I was the only one who had absolutely nothing to lose, if I got "in trouble".


Part of it's my age.

At 45, I'm at an age where very little in the work/life arena makes me fearful.

Mainly because of how little of my life revolves around the money my J.O.B. brings in.

It's important ~ OH YES!

But, I am atypical Gen X and I have always valued my freedom before money and material possessions.

As a result I've created a life where I don't live in fear of losing my job anymore.

I know how to manifest what I need ~ even money.

I don't over extend myself financially.

I have my own business.

I have a loving, respectful partner who is on "the same page" as me on so many levels; including starting his own business and manifesting what he needs.


And that's what I was left with after processing all of the facts and all of my emotions.

The most amazing gift.

The reminder that I have always been free and that I am free to go, anytime I'd like.

Love and hugs,

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