Thursday, July 3, 2014


 I'm off to a reunion and potluck picnic this weekend!

This is no ordinary reunion.

I'm catching up with members of my urban family from Detroit.

You know.

The people that end up being your family when you first move out on your own.

We were, and still are, a very creative, silly bunch.

So much so that my good friend (the one who did the awesome banner for this blog), her son and I are going to do like she and I used to do - explore Detroit and take photos.  (Except, we'll be doing it in the day time, unlike our adventurous, night loving, 20-something selves ;~D )

Here's the Facebook Invite, if you still weren't convinced:

It was my friend's idea and we envisioned all of our friends and their kids being together for this momentous occasion.  

It's so hard to get straight answers from people who are now over-worked, over-stressed parents.

So, we're not sure who's really coming and we have no idea what or how much food will be there either.


That goes for anything, not just potluck reunions ;~D




Love and hugs,

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