Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Name Do I Use?

This is not a deep, philosophical, "who am I?" question.

It is something quite simple that became a little more complicated than it needed to.

I need to start speaking publicly, in my community to promote my business.

I have been writing and creating under my pen name, online.

What name was I going to go by when I spoke?

Marla didn't feel right.

Did this mean I needed to stop what I was doing and change my name online, before I went any further with my biz?

That didn't feel right either.

I asked the women in my mastermind group if they had ever dealt with this dilemma.

The advice that came back loud and clear was to "follow your gut".

So, I let it go, completely, because I could not hear what my gut was saying.


When I first started blogging under my pen name, I never expected to do anything more than have a place to really express myself, without having it interfere with my work and personal life.

I work closely with the public and already go by a different name at work than I do with family and friends, but with the personal exploring I knew I would be doing, along with the spiritually based topics I'd be discussing, I did not want any conflicts with my work life.

What it boiled down to is that I really value my privacy.

And just as quickly as I let it go, one day the answer, clear as day, popped into my head.

I'm going to speak under my work name, and let the audience know that I write and coach, online, under my pen name.

It was just that simple.

And makes total sense.

Love and hugs,

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