Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Healing Challenge

This blog has lacked any real cohesiveness for a while now.

All I can say is that I am still in the sloppy copy phase of things.

I'm testing my blogging class right now, Brilliant Blogging!, and one of the big things I stressed in the last module I posted was starting small so you can collect your thoughts.

Since I've been teaching this class, I've been able to put things in perspective with my own creative efforts over here at my blog.

Sacred Cyber Space is a blank slate for me.

A place to share my process, my life, my dreams, my efforts...

So, I've been trying out different ideas and directions over the past year.

Like trying on different outfits.

Discovering my strengths and my weaknesses.

Healing My Self...

One of my favorite words of wisdom from her is that starting your own biz "will make you face your shit!" 

I'm finding it really interesting that once I started testing my class, the Universe saw that I was ready to heal some stuff I had no idea was lurking about.

I'm heading into month two of some serious "closure".

It just keeps on coming and I'm embracing every minute.

The biggest message?

Without darkness, how would we recognize the light? 

When You're Ready...

I thought I was in the midst of a serious problem when I heard some interesting news from several good, girl friends.

"I got an early start on my Halloween this year"

One started her Horror Movie fest at the beginning of September, another has been planning her decorations since July, and so many have made reference to being "so over Summer and ready for Halloween."

This made me feel a little less like an addict when I confessed the following, to one of my closest friends. I had started watching American Horror Story again (last week), after Ken and I decided we were going to start watching the first two seasons on Halloween night so we'd be all caught up and ready for Season 3 when it debuts on Netflix in early December.

So here's my challenge for you:

When you feel ready, think of a time you consider dark or negative.  A time that you "would never share in mixed company".  A time that brings up emotions you have been told by the "gurus" - you should not think about because you don't want to "send a low message/vibration out to the Universe".

It's OK.  It only seems so dark because the light shining on it is so bright.

Face it.  

Embrace it.  

Own it.

Release it and...

Allow it brighten your light.

**If you choose to pursue working with Leonie Dawson via the above link, I will receive "Thank You" money from her for sending you her way.  I only recommend coaches and tools that I have had personal and beneficial experience with.  If this does not sit well with you, feel free to "enter through another door" by Googling: Leonie Dawson.
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