Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I was flipping through my Facebook newsfeed when I was stopped, "dead in my tracks" by a meme that resonated with my soul.

This meme is my personal mission statement.

The day I discovered the power of choice was the day my life truly became my own.

Choice covers so much ground, I'm not even going to try and address it in a single blog entry.

Needless to say, it runs the gambit of making a choice as to what food you will eat to broader concepts like how you will be in the world.


Never let anyone convince you that you are not in charge.

Never let anyone try to tell you that taking action is pointless.

Yes, there is a great Spirit which shows itself in the revolving planets, the tides of the Earth and the actions of Man, but within this flow, you have a paddle to guide your way.

You have a great personal power that you can wield through the actions you choose to take, or not take.

A personal power that comes from opening up to truly see the power of the choices that got you to where you are, and accepting that the choices you make from here on out will be equally as powerful.

Love and hugs,

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