Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Change Your Life By Cleaning + Purging Your Home

Oh boy! I am so excited!

I have not done any sort of workshop in quite some time, and as I was contemplating my lessons and actions for my Mercury Retrograde "hermit time", I decided to go with the flow and "look back" at some gems from the early days of

I found just enough gems to create a gorgeous, succulent workshop, designed to help you focus on surrendering, letting go,  purging, cleaning and simplifying, so you can make the most of this Retrograde by making your personal space more sacred and open to change.

  • Create Sacred Space -- Honoring your home as the sacred space it is meant to be, is one of the fastest ways to create change in your life.  Think about your home and the Sacred Spaces you can create, then take it one step further and acknowledge the sacredness of your entire home.  This is where life happens.  This is where we make our intentions known.  This is where we come to step away from the habits and craziness of everyday life.  This is the space that should lift us up so we can stretch and grow into who we are meant to be.

  • Start by purging what you no longer need -- This is a fantastic way to create room, literally and spiritually.  By donating, recycling and pitching what you no longer use you are creating room for what will truly serve you.  You're telling the Universe that you are ready for what is next.  Ideally, I like to do this frequently throughout the year.  It really keeps the energy of my home lifted and flowing.  Not sure where to start? Head to your bedroom, the last room you see every night and the first room you see every morning.

  • That also goes for people and situations -- As you release the items that no longer serve you, you may start to notice that there are life situations that are taking up space as well.  Old emotions, unbalanced friendships, bad memories and even good memories can keep you stuck where you are because they are taking up much needed room in your spirit.  Be sure to read the article and apply at least one technique to help you release this intangible clutter.   ---  "Wait?!", you might be asking, "Did you say even good memories?" Yup and here is my favorite example of a good memory gone wrong:  Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico, who could never move on from that winning, high school touchdown...

  • It's time to surrender.  Take time to surrender as you undertake these tasks.  Especially if it has been an overly emotional experience for you.  Surrendering begins as a conscious act.  Doing what needs to be done, within yourself, to step back and allow the Universe to unfold.  It can be scary to stop taking action, but is actually very empowering. Creating change can be a little overwhelming, so it's important to slow down if it's too much.  It's important to take the time to take care of yourself while allowing the Universe to do its thing.  Take a moment to declare "That's it!  I give up!" ;-)

  • Now it's time to keep things clear. -- By keeping your personal space clean you are sending a clear message to the Universe.   You are maintaining a foundation for all sorts of possibilities.  There are so many benefits to cleaning, besides the obvious sanitary reasons.  You can use the time to Zen out as an active meditation.  But more than anything, you honor your space and its sacredness by keeping it clean, creating a home where the stresses of the day can truly be washed away.  And, yes, this also includes clearing your space with incense or smudge as well.  For many of us, our space is not really cleansed until the energy has been cleared too.

  • Finally, do what you can to keep it simple. -- Don't go another three years before you create the change your life needs.  Do what you can on a daily basis to keep your life as simple as possible.  You have already set up a very solid foundation by following along with this workshop.  Now it's time to dig deeper, to see what you can do, to create a life where change is easily allowed.



Tools to help you figure it all out.  

Here are some worksheets from a workbook I created a while back, that I know will help you with the concepts of simplifying and purging.

I am so happy to be able to share them with you, to help you create the change you are seeking.


And drop me a line to let me know how it goes.

I can't wait to hear about all of the change you were able to create.

Love and hugs,

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