Monday, October 27, 2014

Prosperity Conscioiusness

Today, friends, I present to you a Lesson in Prosperity Consciousness.

I have been sharing my prosperous experiences with you for years.

And I have not shied away from sharing my growing and learning experiences when it comes to money.

I have no problem generating prosperity in my life when it comes to "things" we may need.

Money eludes me, and Ken, at times, but what I've noticed from perusing back over my money journey is that we really are learning how to allow money into our lives.


We decided it was time for me to leave the behavior school.

Rational, adult plans were made in regards to how we would handle the temporary change in the money flow; plans we both were happy with.

I left my job and focused on healing - then the Universe stepped in.

(Yeah, you knew that was coming, didn't you? ;-) 

Ken was let go from his job.


This was one of those moments in life that, thank goodness, your body makes you numb to, at first, so you can do what you need to do.

I was terrified and relieved all at the same time.

This job has been very hard on him on so many levels.

But, it was also how we were going to get from point A to point B.

He wasn't even out the door at this job, and he was already getting himself lined up to work the upcoming election.

Then he came home, applied for unemployment, and applied for three other jobs.


We kept to ourselves, doing our own thing, because I really began to struggle with the situation.

We applied for jobs and went on an interview for a door to door sales job, just to get some practice.

I did a lot of spiritual and emotional work, as well as finally acknowledging the reality that I needed to call my agency and tell them I'd work with more developmentally disabled students

(An idea that was very overwhelming to me when I first left the behavior school; suddenly doable, thanks to my healing and the changing of many circumstances.)

Nothing was available and I was put on the sub teacher and aide list for the three schools I can get to on the busline.

I continued on with plans to drive my parents to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends, and let my supervisor know I'd be available for work when I got back.

I scheduled a few blog posts and Facebook statuses and left town for 4 days.


At this point in the game, I had no choice but to surrender the whole entire situation because there was nothing more I could do.

Ken and I were both in agreement that for him to spend 4 uninterrupted days, focused on his biz, would be the best thing  for both of us.

My parents picked the perfect time of year to visit Northwestern Pennsylvania.

I had a very enjoyable time visiting family and friends, breaking my routine completely.

Being reminded that the economy is recovering, even though it's moving slowly in Toledo.

Sharing ideas for generating money with my mother (from my biz).

And remembering where I come from and what I'm made of.

My cousins are all, always financially prosperous, several of them even owning their own businesses.

Yet, the closer it came to returning, the more overwhelmed I started to feel.

I chalked it up to anticipation and enjoyed the trip home.


The morning after I returned I shared my anticipation with Ken.

I was concerned about subbing for teachers due to the liability as well as the reality that I have never taught "normal" kids.

He was loving and firm about needing the money and I let him know that I was considering just subbing for classroom aides.

I emailed my supervisor and she called me immediately.

A permanent position had opened up for an aide and did I want to check it out for a couple of days to see if it would fit?


The bus gets me there in plenty of time to accommodate an earlier start.

The staff is a great team of ladies who are patient with the students and me, as a new addition.

The students are nonverbal.

This is the exact opposite of the last 10 years of being yelled at and called an "effing b" five times a day.

They are all very kind, for the most part, relaxed, tenth to twelfth graders with extreme special needs.

I will be spending only 30  minutes "volunteering" off the clock (while I wait for my bus) and will be getting paid for 1.5 more hours a day than I did at the behavior school.

The volunteer time will be helping the classroom teacher organize her data - the perfect way to get my brain operating in a more traditional fashion.

Intelligent conversation with an adult is amazing medicine when it comes to mental health in that environment.

And, finally, I can literally see the bus stop for my ride home, from the classroom window.

I don't have to walk more than 3 minutes to get to my stop.


This whole experience has been an exercise in faith for me.

I did everything I knew I was supposed to do and I also knew to step back.


I'm not going to pretend that it was a breeze and all I had to do was follow my own advice to amazingly manifest what was needed in our lives.

I am only human, after all.

And that was the secret.

Allowing myself to do what I needed to do, while also doing what I had to do.

Another example of doing what is best for your Self, regardless of how society says it should be.

Then allowing room for the reality that is greater than that which I could ever come up with on my own.


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