Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Turn, turn, turn..."

I've been trying to figure out the best way to share this.

I'm ALL ABOUT keeping things quiet and close to your heart when you are in the process of creating something.

I didn't tell anyone I knew about this blog for almost two years.

I have an online buddy who wrote a book and only shared it with a select few while she was creating.  Then, one day - tada!  She had a finished book to share with everyone.

It's important when you're in the process of birthing something to only share it with those you know will understand and support your process.


I have something to do that I have been waiting for the right moment to do.

I have been chewing on this idea over the last two years.

Thank you for indulging me.

I've known the right moment will be when it feels light and the opportunity I had to move on several months ago did not feel light.

It felt RIGHT, but it also felt heavy

Heavy because I knew I needed time to heal from an insane school year.

I let the door close, knowing full well it would be easy enough to open again when the time was right.


This is the week I return to my day job.

The job I've known would always run its course.

The job that helped me let another childhood dream (being a school teacher), go.

The job that used to be my purpose and joy.

The job that gave me some of the best "adult" friends I've ever had.

It doesn't take a genius to see that I am ready to go and I took advantage of one more summer to get my Self set.


My summer started out with me being so stressed that I was ready to just not go back at all.

I resented having to pay for my license and my background check after almost three weeks of extra unpaid time, due to all the calamity days.

I resented so much about my day job that even the good things weren't enough to change my perspective.

I soon realized I wasn't going to be able to focus on my healing if I didn't have my work lined up.  I put my "big girl" pants on and took care of business.

A couple of weeks later I was still tied in a knot and knew what needed to come next; for my sanity and to declare my intention to the Universe.

I politely unfriended my work colleagues from my personal Facebook account. 

This was very difficult because many of us have worked together for years and I can't think of a better team of people to have spent the last 10 1/2 years of my life with


Later that day I got an email from a colleague, one who I've worked with the entire time I've been there.

She has a new baby and a very successful blog.  She did not renew her contract and will not be returning.

Another colleague's position has been reduced to part time.  But she's the art teacher and we have been talking for a while about turning her talent into her livelihood.

And it also looks like the staff might be reduced by one teacher, as well.

So many have been crying "ain't it awful!", but all I can feel is inspiration and momentum.

Of course I'm scared to pieces, but I will not have what I need to make my dreams my reality if I continue doing what I'm doing.

My time to leave is coming very soon. 

There is so much I will miss, but my body is telling me it's time to go.

Love and hugs,


I wrote this post over the summer, convinced that I was going to get back to work and somehow find the courage to leave.

I scheduled it for the third week in August and went on my merry way.


I found out I had two weeks of vacation time and I decided to give it another year; and chose to set this post "on a shelf".

Then, out of nowhere, the Universe knocked the wind out of my sails and guided me on to the original path.

 As of today (9/29/14) I no longer work at the behavior school.

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