Monday, November 17, 2014

A New Space

You know, I love to share the miracles I experience in my life.

It's human nature to want to shout it from the rooftops when we allow the Universe to flow and are able to bear witness to its brilliance.

I like to share my experiences, so you know that miracles and manifestation are possible for you and everyone you know.

On the other hand, I also like to share the lessons I learn from the challenges I experience in my life, as well.


By this point, I've learned that with each miracle always comes the opportunity to grow.

Sort of like poor Peter Parker/Spiderman, who learned that "with great power comes great responsibility", but without all the Uncle Ben dying stuff.  ;-)

Stan Lee is the man!  This is just brilliant.

The Universe says "Good, I'm glad you're accepting this into your life. Now, let me show you why I want you to have it and how we're going to use it."


My amazing experience with my day job has been another one of those "humbled by the wisdom of the Universe" moments, for me.

The more I go to my job, the more I see the Universe's divine plan.

The nurse I work with has family in the town I grew up in Pennsylvania; the place I retreated to so I could truly surrender my work situation.,

And the teacher I work with - her brother managed the country club in my hometown.

This stuff always blows my mind - these coincidences - these whispers from the Universe.

Which brings me to the next lesson.

With this miraculous opportunity came several challenges -  which - now that I've walked through them and settled into the new space they were taking me to - have made my new work environment even more wonderful than even I could have envisioned on my own.


I arrived in my new classroom at the tail end of a round of upper respiratory infections.

Of course, I got sick, but thanks to a long weekend and all of the immune boosters I take, I only missed one day of work.

Unfortunately, this made the transition from being picked up for work at my front door everyday, to taking the bus to and from work everyday, very difficult.

I had very high levels of anxiety for a couple of mornings, which went away once I got to work.

Sure, I didn't feel well, but I'm older now than I've ever been (ha!) and I could feel that "aging/resisting change" thing going on - Big Time!

It was a wake up call.

I had let the stress from my other job get in the way of caring for my physical body.

I did not adapt to all of the physical activity as quickly as I have in the past, either.

The walks to and from the bus stop were not as uplifting as I had originally anticipated, due to some weak muscles, as well as being ill.

If I had been more physically fit, it would have been easier to cope with the "aging" stuff, as well as the increased activity.

With this great miracle came the opportunity to heal my body.


I am getting stronger every day.

All the aging stiffness is slowly ebbing away.

Ten years of stress side effects are simply floating away.

All of this has taken me to a new place.

A new way of being.

All thanks to allowing miracles into my life.


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