Monday, November 3, 2014

Yoga For The Face?


That's right.

You did not read that wrong.

I made an interesting discovery the day I became unhappy with the way my mouth was drooping.

I knew their were facial exercises I could do to strengthen the muscles in my face, but I had no idea that there were actual yoga series' for the face.


This first one is an actual yoga series that you can do anywhere.

She shows you the basic facial postures, then you actually do the whole thing a couple of times in one sitting.

You can also do them while surfing the Internet, driving your car (you might get some funny looks ;-) or watching T.V.

This next video is a face exercise, almost like a massage, that drains the lymph nodes and strengthens the muscles in your face.

It takes about ten minutes, and I was amazed at how relaxed my face was when I was finished.

No more eye strain or tension headache.

Use your favorite face cream or oil when doing these exercises.

Take some time this week, pamper yourself and check these out!

Love and hugs,

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