Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How To Make Your Dreams Your Reality: 3 Simple Steps

A client was venting to me the other day.

She was undertaking a new venture and was disappointed with how long it was taking.

"I just get so overwhelmed and frustrated because everything takes so much longer than I think and other stuff keeps taking me away from it."


That's life.

Whenever we're in the midst of doing something we've never done before we really have to learn how to surrender in order to stay focused and on track.

Otherwise you end up like my client and waste even more time by engaging in the states of "overwhelm" and "frustration".


You know I love the concept of a Time Map, simply because it is designed to take this reality into consideration.

You will never be on task 100% of the time.

It's impossible.

Ken and I are lucky if we average 65%.

Others average as much as 80%.

It all depends on how your life unfolds that day.

The great thing is, when you are finished dealing with whatever it is that's taken you off your path, you have a guide you can return to so you can determine the best use of your time.


This is the key to accomplishing any dream or goal:

  • Accept the fact that you will be taken away from whatever tasks you want to accomplish.
  • As soon as you're able to get back on track, make the best choice for that moment.
  • Never give up.

Look, life happens.

Stop fighting it and use it as a chance to surrender.

The act of surrendering will actually catapult you further, more quickly, because it allows you to bend and sway with change, as you no longer waste time and energy resisting it.

Love and hugs,

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