Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 10 of 2014!

Not to sound like a total cliche', but MAN! did this year fly right by!

I always find it fun to go through and see which of my posts struck a chord with people.

I also like seeing how my blogging style evolves over the year.

I went through a lot of growth when it came to the pictures I posted.

We went from blah to dazzle this year - HA!

So, without further ado...

THE TOP 10 OF 2014!

10.  Mapping the Year  - If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I love the concept of mapping time instead of managing time.  In this post, I share one of my all time favorite tools for mapping my time, Leonie Dawson's Biz and Life Planners.  Here is a link to this year's planners, including a new hard copy, that includes both planners in one. (As always, if you buy through the previous link, I will receive Thank You money from Leonie Dawson for pointing you in her direction.)

9.  Resistance and Revelations - This is a silly post about some lessons I learned while resisting learning how to use my new digital camera.  It is also a super cool post, because it includes pictures of kangaroos that took over my friend's neighborhood one day.  So fun!

8.  How to Make Nice with the Mercury Retrograde - This post was quite popular and was shared by many people on Facebook.  It's just my rundown on how to navigate a Mercury Retrograde.  So many people are afraid of this astrological occurrence.  Which is a shame, because it happens 3-4 times a year, depending on how the cycles fall.  It's also pretty timely because we will be heading into another Retrograde after the Holidays are over.  Ha! ;-)

7. Embracing Self Worth - Here I am sharing a chance I took at work that was totally made from a place of Self worth.  I decided that what was best for me is what was best.  And, in fact, it really was - for everyone involved.  Hopefully this will inspire you to embrace your worthiness and make the best choices for your Self, as well.

6.  The All New + Personal Insight Reading - After leaving my extremely draining day job in September, I suddenly realized I had the energy to do some Readings.  I trimmed my signature Personal Insight Reading down to a more manageable and less time consuming process, reduced the price and threw it out there.  

5.  Conscious Creation - My love of simplicity and laughter all together in one post.  A simple two step process for changing your life.  Plus a Seinfeld Video.  What could be better?

4.  Bloglovin' Reminder - I don't know why, but somehow this post I put up to remind readers to follow me on Bloglovin' was really popular.  It's great for following all of your favorite blogs.  You should check it out.

3.  "When Everyone Shines But You"... -  This post is not only an interview with my good friend, Kelly Martin, it was also a contest to win her wonderful book, When Everyone Shines But You: Saying Goodbye To I'm Not Good Enough.  It was the only contest I ran this year.  Naturally, we got a lot of hits.

2.  Shannon Laver - This guest post from Shannon Laver went through the roof.  I love all things sustainable and so does Shannon.  We are a good mix.  Currently our joint venture is on hold (as is her blog), but I will be finishing the Eat Well, Be Well eclass, the beginning of 2015.  Until then, be sure to read this great post from Shannon.

1. Acknowledge the Positive - I was totally surprised to see that this post was the most read post that I published in 2014.  It really must have struck a chord with everyone out there.  When I wrote it, I knew it would resonate with the women who read this blog.  We are so hard on ourselves.  Take a moment and acknowledge the positive things you do.

OK folks, that's it for this year!

See you on the flip side :)

Love and hugs,

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