Sunday, April 12, 2015

The New Facebook Page

There are so many changes involved with heading into the next phase of my blog and my biz.

One of which has been closing down the Facebook account under my pen name and starting a new page at my personal account.

Personally, I have been amazed at how smooth the transition has been, and as I mentioned last week, I am amazed at how supportive my friends and family have been.

Moving on has been exactly what I needed and it has been so easy to keep things going.

In fact, things are in a much better flow and my post reaches have been incredible (in comparison to my "likes"), and I haven't had to pay to boost any of my posts.


I only post once a day.

I scrolled through my Facebook posts and found an interesting theme had emerged over the week.

And all I was doing was posting what spoke to me.


I have been taking advantage of my down time and have been doing a lot of soul work.

Not surprisingly this popped up and spoke to me in a very profound way.

I have not been able to get outside and embrace Spring the way I normally do.

This led to a couple of tear-filled moments -- 

Which, for me, always leads to what the Universe wants me to do instead.

This time around, it was to take stock of where I am, who I am and what I need to do to keep this amazing journey going.


My own ideas came up in the form of other people's words.

These ideas were things I really want to share and these memes helped me reach a broader audience.

When I first started blogging I was obsessed with the idea of using the lessons from your past as a means to create a more solid foundation in your life in order to catapult you further than you could have gone otherwise.

Of course, this little gem reminded me of that and was very well received.

I love the idea of the "spring-board" as opposed to the "quicksand", two feelings we can all relate to.

Another idea I pondered, back in the day, came up too.

Sometimes life can really kick us in the ass.

These "failures" can be hard to take and can sometimes send us down the path of "just forget it!"

But you have to keep going because, guess what?

This is all part of the process.

You are not too old, too fat, too weak, too inexperienced, too (insert insecurity)...

You are just being shown another way.

So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and set a new goal.

And, once you get there, don't get too comfortable.

If you made it to this destination, imagine what else you can do?


How many times have you heard this expression?

Don't burn your bridges.

I used to hear this a lot, especially when I started working.

If I was in a job that I just could not stand, someone older and wiser would always advise me to be professional about leaving because, heaven forbid you burn a bridge you might need later.

Well, this is sage advise.

But let me give you some advice I learned on my own, later on, when I dared to start setting some cross-ways ablaze.


It's OK to burn a bridge, especially if it leads to someplace you should never have been, or never need to return to.

I remember leaving a job with a company I had left and returned to, even though I knew in my gut it was not the place for me.

I really needed the money and I knew they would hire me immediately.

It didn't take long for me to realize that this was no longer the place for me, money or no money.

And I quit in such a way that my manager would have to enter my exit in the "system" as a "no rehire", therefore making it impossible for me to ever be hired by this company again.

She even called me to let me know she would have to do this and did I want to work something out first.

I told her I knew this was the procedure she would have to follow, apologized for putting her in a tough spot and told her to "go ahead and do it."


In order to get to where you are going, use the lessons from your past to "spring-board" you on your way.

This will lead to new dreams and goals.

And it's OK to keep yourself focused by burning a few bridges along the way.


P.S.  If you haven't already, don't forget to head over to Facebook and "like" the new page :)

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