Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How To Deal With Expectations?

In the personal growth community, expectation can be seen as a naughty word.

As we live, grow, change and evolve, we learn that, if we don't want to waste time being disappointed, it is best to act without expectation.

So, if I do something nice for someone, I need to do it without expecting anything in return.

Duly noted.

I quit doing this a long time ago.

It is quite liberating.


Also, say I am embarking into uncharted territory to better my Self  - like my current journey into the land of Physical Therapy.

I have to do what is asked and then surrender.

What I can expect is pain and strength.

That's it.

How and when must simply unfold as they are meant to.


But, here is my constant argument with the concept that is Expectation.

We can't just toss it out the window because it can lead to self created uncomfortableness.

Without expectation, we would just sit still and stagnate.

And I'm not talking about being obsessed with self improvement.

If you are happy with your Self, then - Great!

I'm talking about growth in general.

We were not put on this earth to just sit in our little bubble, guarding our emotions, while we watch the world go by.

We were put here to grow and evolve.

And part of that entails expectation.

If you did not have an expectation, then you would not step outside your box and explore.

If you don't have expectation then you can't set goals to achieve your dreams.

Heck, if parents didn't have expectations of their children, then their kids would never learn how to navigate life.


Expectation is actually quite necessary.

The only caution would be, where you place it.

Want to graduate from college with honors?

Then, expect yourself to do the work.

Want to grow your business?

Then you will have to expect yourself and the people that work for you to follow through on a myriad of tasks.

Want that garden to flourish?

Then the expectation of tending to it is a necessity.


Be careful where you place them because, they are obviously powerful little buggers ;-)


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