Monday, May 18, 2015

Latrelle's Birthday Party!


It's my Birthday this week and I felt like throwing a party.

So I'm throwing a great big Transformation Party!

Since I've been in the  process of rebirthing a lot of things while switching over to my real name, after blogging and coaching under my pen name, Marla Turner, for the last five years, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to throw a Transformation Party.

But the great thing about this party is YOU get the gifts!

And, even better, these six gifts were all designed to transform the lives of my readers and clients.

I am currently transforming my life, so I thought, why not share everything I've ever made with the people who follow me and have been so supportive over the years.


AW!   The Party's Over.  So Sorry You Missed It.

But, don't despair - you can still get my current gift to help you create a more Joy!-filled life.

Just sign up HERE

Email Address 

I have shared these gifts with my readers over the years.

Many of them have not been available for some time.

And several will never be available again.


Create More Joy In Just 7 Days!
This is my current Opt-In and the only free gift presented under my real name; an eBook and Meditation to help you create a more Joy! filled life.
  • This kit is designed to help you create a joy-filled life over seven days.
  • Includes quotes and my personal experiences applying these life changing steps to my life.
  • The meditation includes my personal process for lifting myself to a state of Joy!

Eat Well, Be Well
This will never be offered as a free gift again.  I am in the process of turning it into an eCourse.  Cover art by Kelly Martin :)
  • This eBook is 59 pages long and contains my secrets for creating a sustainable kitchen.
  • Includes my tips and tricks for virtually erasing kitchen waste.
  • I have included over 70 recipes to get you started, as well as a list of groceries.
  • You will also find my photography throughout this book to help you visualize your sustainable meals and kitchen.

Inspiration Cards
My art photography and my own words of inspiration, presented as 7"x7" cards to be shared as memes or printed and hung up in your office.
  • This was the 2014 Holiday gift for my readers.
  • All of the photographs were taken by me.
  • Each quote has been taken directly from my blog,

A Healing Journal Experience
A grief journal I created for the readers of a blog I guest posted at in 2013.  This will never be shared again.
  • I based this journal on some great journaling ideas I found at a hospice website.
  • It is designed to help you to process the loss of a loved one.
  • You can print it out and fill in the pages or simply use the prompts in your own journal.
  • This is also great for kids.

Transforming Jealousy
A mini-workshop I created for my readers several years ago.  This transformative journey will help you to pinpoint what you are denying and what needs to be brought to life.
  • Taken from my own experience with jealousy.
  • This is a journal/workshop designed to help you tap into why you are experiencing jealousy.
  • You will then take these realizations and use them to create goals to make your own dreams your reality.

Take Charge Of Your Stress
This eBook and workbook are designed to help you navigate the stress of life.  I am currently turning this into an eClass as well, so it will also never be offered again as a free gift.
  • It's really impossible to eliminate stress, but you most certainly can navigate it the best you can.
  • This eBook is over 50 pages long and is how I originally used my art photography.
  •  It is chock full of ideas and processes to help you take the power back from the daily stress of life.
  • The workbook contains over 20 worksheets, designed to help you organize these ideas and brainstorm ways to apply these ideas to your own life.

If this looks like a party you can't pass up, please sign up below to join in.

I Really Do Appreciate The Fact That You Stopped By - Please Don't Leave Empty Handed -- Don't forget - you can still get your own, Create More Joy kit. : )

In addition to receiving these free gifts, you will also be subscribed to my monthly newsletter. This is where I share what's going on in my world, uplifting articles and other goodies from my blog  This newsletter is intended to lift you up, giving you a short reprieve from the daily stresses we all have to deal with.  (Feel free to unsubscribe at any time.)

I'm so glad we've connected in this way and I can't wait to share these transformative tools with you.

P.S. The party goes on for a month.  So you have plenty of time for access to these great tools. I always celebrate my birthday for at least a month.  It just takes me that long to see everyone who wants to celebrate it with me ;-)
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