Thursday, May 7, 2015


A funny thing has happened since I hurt myself and embarked on this crazy journey that has been the year, 2015.

Of course, after my last post, it's obvious that one of the positive outcomes of all this has been extreme emotional strength.

From doing things that were frightening, to standing up for myself and my healing, I have developed an even thicker skin than I had before all this started.

But, here's something interesting that I hadn't even anticipated.

I am physically stronger than I was BEFORE I got hurt.


"But, wait!  Are you serious?  How is that possible?", you might ask.

After all, for the last four months, I have been more sedentary than I can ever recall in my adult life.

I have not been able to go on daily walks or do my yoga.

So, I must be mistaken about this increased physical strength.

Well, lemme tell ya...

I've never been more serious and have never been stronger.

And it's all thanks to a little thing called strength training.


As I mentioned in my last post, doing the physical therapy prescribed to me was great for creating routine and boosting my endorphins.

I have been doing leg lifts and knee lifts with weights strapped to my ankle (the boot on my left foot is actually heavier than the ankle weight, so no worries about "over doing it" on the injured side.)

Once I got my form down, the arm exercises turned into something completely different.

While doing all of the upper body weight exercises, I incorporated ab work into each rep.

And, instead of increasing the amount of weight, I've just increased the amount of reps, while continuing to work my abs with each move.

What I've been doing is similar to this video, but I don't lean over, I do those moves sitting up so I can do my upright crunches and pelvic tilts.

I even added seated knee/inner thigh squeezes, except I sit on my bed, lean back a bit and do them with the boot and ankle weight.


It's not enough to just do the same amount every day.

[IMPORTANT!] At first, especially while I still had my stitches in, I was very careful and didn't go all crazy challenging myself.

Once I was well into my healing, I really started challenging myself.

Hey, if I did a lot, and got tired, I had the luxury of being able to go to bed and take a nap ;-)

I am currently up to 40 reps of everything,  and do 60 of the inner thigh squeezes -- a) because they are fun, and b) because I can.

And to keep from straining my shoulder muscles, I do shoulder rolls and squeezes as well.


Well, that's it.

Plain and simple.

Bit by bit...

Day by day...

Originally, for the sake of my emotional sanity --  I have developed a level of physical strength I would have never thought possible, given the situation.

I don't tire easily during my physical therapy.

I'm nuts though (I'm sure you've already figured that out) - I actually look forward to my PT and my therapist looks forward to my appointments.

And it's all because I'm physically strong.

So, when it's time, my yoga and walking routines will only benefit.

I'll take this kind of surprise any day!


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