Monday, June 22, 2015

When The Dalai Lama Says It Best :: I

It's crazy.

I know.

But when you stand back, you see that it all comes from you, in some way.

This is why you must learn to FORGIVE!

Yourself first, for setting it into motion.

Then the other person, so they can no longer have any power over you.

(Here's one of my early posts, when I was writing under my pen name, to help you out : )


I am a firm believer in this:
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That crap just happens.

This is what the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card means.

It refers to those forces, which we truly don't have control over.

It's devastating that people die in tsunamis.

Sure, they chose to be there, but they did not have control over Mother Earth.

Someone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is sexually assaulted - this is different too.

We can not control the actions of others.

It's a wild card; The Wheel of Fortune.


His Holiness is simply pointing out that when you get stuck in the rut of making everything you are unsatisfied with, someone else's fault, you are just that - stuck.

Standing back and taking responsibility for your part, is the only way to grow.

It's the only way to truly be free.


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