Thursday, July 23, 2015

How To Create Your Sacred Space

It was the Thursday before the Summer Solstice.

I was hobbling around the apartment, still in the process of getting things out of "Bachelor Pad/Frat House" mode.


I was not at home much the first four months of this year.

It was good for us, as a couple, to spend time apart.  We've been together for 17 years.  The breathing room was needed for so many reasons.

Good for Ken, who needed some space to spread his wings and discover who he truly is, without me around.

Good for me to be someplace that was more conducive to my healing.

But, upon my return, I discovered that our apartment was most certainly not a space that "greeted" us or "lifted" us.


I am slow.  I need frequent breaks off my ankle throughout the day.  And when six o'clock rolls around, I am usually done.

Ken is busy with his business and adjusting to his new job.  He is a champ and will help out when asked and is being a great partner by keeping the newly organized and cleaned spaces, clean and organized.

That Thursday, it was finally time to take a good look at my office, which had once again turned into the "transition station".  Filled with furniture that wasn't being used, shipping boxes for Ken's biz, old computers, etc.  

And, to make it even more depressing, my desk had been commandeered by Ken for his biz.  It had been left in the living room after a small dinner party, and never made it back into my office.

Nothing from my old Sacred Work Space was there.

And that was fine with me, because I am no longer that person.

My needs have shifted.  I still need a work space, but what I need more than anything right now, is a space where I can exercise and do yoga.

This means I need to completely clear out my office, leave my area rug and bring in the television from the living room so I can do my yoga and exercise DVDs.


Ken was a doll and watered my plants while I was gone, but, unfortunately, they had not been rotated in five months.

My poor indoor garden was wild and out of control.  One had even started to grow into the window pane.

The only thing that made sense was to move them out, clean them up and give them a change of scenery.

So, I hobbled my indoor garden out onto my front porch.

I wasn't really focused on anything other than clearing out the space and just took all the stuff out there without really thinking about it.

When I was done, I stepped back and was in awe of what had transpired.

I walked out onto the porch and felt my spirit sky rocket.  My indoor garden was now my porch garden.  Even though the plants still need to be tended to, it's amazing how much they grew and how lush they are.

When I sat down to take it all in, I was treated to another perspective.

It was the most lifted and light I had felt all year.

Which miraculously led to getting out my camera and taking some photos.

Something I haven't done in a VERRRRRRRY long time.

It had been so long, I almost forgot that I am a photographer.

It's nice to see that I haven't lost my touch.


Well, first of all, if you want to make your home a Sacred Space, a space that will support you and cradle you, you must understand that it will always be in motion.

As you change, the way you use your space will change.

But, what is most important is that you always try to create an inviting, centering spot; somewhere in your home, where you can retreat from the world.

And, I'll wrap things up with another Latrelle Ross Original Meme ;-)

Copy, paste, share - ENJOY!


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