Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pain Management

I didn't follow my own rule.

I go out of my way to share the challenges in my life in the hopes that it will inspire others.

Making sure you don't feel so alone while learning your Earth School lessons.

I shared the wisdom I gained while healing my ankle.

Then, I turn around and ignore my Doctor.


But, you know what?

The Doctor knew best.

What a surprise ;-)

I had been on some kind of pain medication for almost six months.

From my "party like a rock star day" (aka: the day I broke my ankle) all the way to the end of May.

It started with morphine, ketamine, percocets and some kind of muscle relaxer.

Then there was the happy-la-la shot I got to knock me out for my surgery (along with an epidural).

After surgery I had the shakes, so I got shot up with something else.

Then, I took morphine 2 more times, so I could rest after the surgery.

After that it was 8 vicodin a day for a week and a half, then I weaned myself off.

This was followed by Tylenol, 4 times a day for almost 3 months.

And, from time to time, I would take Valerian root (a natural muscle relaxer), on especially bad days.

Then physical therapy started and I was instructed to switch back & forth between Tylenol and Aleve - once a day, every other day.

For a gal who favors the Natural Wellness route (yet has great respect for modern medicine as well - they were designed to work together), this all became just too much for me.


It's all hard on your liver, which is involved in so many body functions.

My body was experiencing some pretty crazy imbalances that I just couldn't take another cycle of.

I quit taking anything - AT ALL! - the last week in May.

I thought I was doing OK, coping with the low grade pain - then I had to go to my first P.T. appointment, without taking Tylenol first, and after not having any in my system for about 4 days.

Wow!  What a different session that was.

I told my therapist what I had done, and neither of us was surprised when I couldn't get my ankle to move right on a few of my exercises.

She was supportive of my decision, said she understood, but I knew she was wondering "what the Hell?!" I was thinking ;-)

I made it 2 weeks, and then the day came that inspired this post.


The pain was more overwhelming than I had been allowing myself to believe.

I was managing my pain with food, and put on a couple of pounds.

Then, life got to be too much.

I realized that it was too soon for me to quit managing my pain and started taking something after P.T.

When I told my therapist I was managing my pain again, apologizing if I set things back, she was insanely supportive, as always, totally honoring my process, pointing out that "it's not like you were taking narcotics."

Yeah, but I'm still going to have to deal with the imbalances.

Now that I'm better, I can focus better as well, and will be treating the liver imbalance with Dandelion and Milk Thistle as I continue to manage my pain.


So, yeah, maybe I shouldn't have stopped taking the pain meds.

But, it gave my body a rest, just long enough to remember something very important.

I can manage the imbalance the modern-medicine, pain management is creating in my system with a simple Natural Wellness solution.

At the end of the day, It's always a good idea to listen to your gut.

It can take you on some interesting journeys, but it will always lead to what's best for you.


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