Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Clear Out Your Email!

Here is one thing you can do right now, to change the course of your tomorrow in ways you can't even begin to imagine:  

Clear out your email!

It's amazing what is hiding in there.

It's all way too easy to hold onto because it is not taking up physical space.

We don't trip over old emails when we get out of bed.

We don't get sick of seeing them sitting on the kitchen counter.

Out of sight, out of mind.


It is an easy way to release the past.

A simple way to lift a huge weight.

I recently deleted hundreds of work emails from the last two years.

I had no idea they were there.

I had overlooked a folder from my agency rep and one from my classroom teacher.

I opened them up and what I found inside were hundreds of emails for a job I am no longer doing, referencing things that had long since fallen from importance.

I had been struggling to emotionally and spiritually release this job because it was "back to school" time, a schedule I've been following for the last ten years, which I no longer adhere to.

When I deleted those emails and folders it was like the missing piece.

I felt more centered and grounded.

My present moment suddenly became more lifted.


So, I am in the process of allowing a new means of income.

I can create all sorts of amazing things here, but if I don't have the money energy to promote it, then it's not going to generate any sort of income for me.

Clearing out those emails was necessary to create room for my new "job".

Same as allowing any sort of abundance, but instead of clearing out my closet, I cleared out the email I use for work.

An easy task that is making room for my next employment adventure.


It was such a good idea, I went into all of my email accounts.

Deleting emails from as far back as 2007.

All sorts of emails that I thought I would need for later and never looked at again.

Is this all making sense now?

And it only takes a few minutes.

Two or three minutes to change the trajectory of your life.


Of course you do.

You have thousands of minutes.

Make a powerful choice and spend a couple of them changing the trajectory of your life.

Love and hugs,

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