Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Cats Are Figuring It Out


Here's a Kitty Update.

Just to fill you in on the all Kitty Haps over here in my world.


Pewter has taken on Buddy as a mentor and I am convinced that Buddy thinks we got him his very own kitten.  They both love to wrestle, as long as Buddy's in the mood ;-D


Zizzy, on the other hand, is not real keen on all the kitten playfulness, and has set very strict boundaries.  Those who know my cats have been surprised that she isn't more nurturing with Pewter.  Well, he's not her kitten and no one asked her if it was OK for him to join our crazy family. But she does allow him in her space from time to time. Ha! 


And, finally, just so there's no thinking that this has all gone off without a hitch, we have had a bout of fleas and worms.

I wasn't thinking, in fact, I was really stressed and in a lot of pain still, when Pewter came to live with us.

He wasn't scratching or behaving like he had fleas and I've never had a cat with worms, so it wasn't until he got sick one day that I saw them.

Plus, not having money for a proper vet appointment didn't help either.  (We raised money to take him to a spay and neuter clinic.  I didn't want to push it by asking for more.)

We started treating Pewter's worms and it wasn't until Buddy quit eating and started hobbling around that we realized what was going on.

I did my research and found out that the fleas and worms go hand in hand.

I ordered more medicine (Hooray for Only Natural Pet!) and we got on with the Cat Healing.

A good friend let me know that fleas have been really bad this year and that a friend of hers, with no pets, brought them in the house just from being outside.

So, according to her, I'm not allowed to kick myself because, it probably wasn't Pewter - Ken and I could have brought them in - on the cuff of our pants, in our laundry (we wash at a laundromat), veggies from the farmer's market...


Sorry, there are no pictures from the day that we had to give three cats a bath.

It was quite an adventure for everyone involved.

Once Buddy was all wet we were able to see how badly he was bit up.

Poor guy, his belly got it the worst.

But, the good news is everyone is now dry, settled and on the mend!

Until next time :)

Love and hugs,

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