Monday, October 26, 2015

A New Day Job!

So, as I mentioned last week, after I decided to freelance all of my job skills, and declared myself "Self Employed" - Everything! started to change.

My attitude.  How I viewed the world.  How I saw my future.  How I viewed my injury and how I felt it would only help my situation.

I knew I could not go back to what I was doing before.  And, since I was unable to work for several months, I did what I could and worked on my vibration and what I was allowing into my life.

Right from the beginning I saw this new path as a big "Do Over" and I have stayed with that perspective this whole year.


So, I have an online buddy named Reba Linker.  She wrote this great book and turned it into a class.  I, along with several other ladies, stepped up to help her beta test the course.  Then, this happened:

Seriously!  No leg pulling going on here.  This is what really happened.

After months of trying to find something I could physically handle, close to home and on the bus line, I decided to check out - again.  And everything started falling into place.

I found several jobs I could do, and applied for the two that were closest to home.  I got a call from each job within hours of emailing my resume.  But, I knew in my heart which one was truly mine and wrote the best cover letter I have ever written, basically telling my new, soon to be boss, that this was my job and no one would be better qualified ;-)

Then, the money that came to me - WOW!  That was amazing.  A little envelope filled with cold, hard cash ;)  The Universe in action combined with me finally understanding what is involved with genuinely allowing your greater good.


Really.  This job couldn't be more perfect for me.

I work with a community outreach program that provides scholarships to good schools, then the kids come to the center after school and I help them do their homework and study, so they can keep their scholarships.

I am making and will make more than I ever would have made at the behavior school.  And this program is only going to keep growing.  So, as I get "steadier on my feet" there will be more for me to do.  (They also provide GED assistance to adults and will soon be launching a job training program, as well.)

I am loving it.  It's everything I loved about working in education and none of the public ed politics and headaches.


I think the hardest adjustment for me has been getting up and working on my stuff first, then going to work.

For the last four years, coming home from work and having my biz and blog to look forward to has been how I coped with the extreme stress of that job.

It was how I relaxed and released my day.  By doing my purpose driven work after my crazy work days, I was better able to justify staying at that job.

Now, I have been given the gift of being able to get up and focus on my dreams first.  Plus!  I'm really only with my kiddos for 3 hours max, and I'm just helping them get their homework finished so they can keep their scholarships.  No extreme behaviors, just normal fifth grader "I've been in school all day!  You want me to keep working!?!" stuff ;-D

So even the day job I go to after taking advantage of this gift doesn't even get close to the amount of stress I had to decompress from, for the last 10 years.

All I ever have to decompress from is physical pain.  And, eventually, that won't be as extreme either.


So, that's where I'm at right now.

It's amazing how quickly your life can change, once you get a grip on your attitude.  Even though I thought I was doing pretty good, once those missing pieces came about, everything fell into place.

Change your attitude and your perspective will change.

Love and Hugs,

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