Monday, October 19, 2015

Harvey House Of Northwest Ohio

Back in August, I was at a family gathering and caught up with an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

Via Facebook, I saw that he had been in involved in raising money for Harvey House of Northwest Ohio.  I overheard him talking about how much time he spends on it after a long day at work.  I had never seen him more engaged, fulfilled, or exhausted ;-D

Harvey House provides shelter for homeless LGBT youths. They will take anyone who needs a place to land, but they WILL ACCEPT people under the age of 18, without an adult companion, which makes them unique.  And, if you're wondering who Harvey is, it's Harvey Milk, slain politician and activist.


I could not get this organization out of my mind.  When all my friends were coming out, back in the 80s, you just waited until you left home. (I did hear of one guy who came out in high school, but that was the only one.) If you came out and were rejected by your family, you had already established a little urban family of your own and everyone looked out for each other.

These days, kids are coming out earlier and, as a result, many find themselves out on the street.  And that's where Harvey House comes in.  The only problem right now is that NW Ohio does not have a house, so they are going BANANAS! raising money so they can get one.  


And that's when I realized I could help out this great organization by volunteering all of my job skills. A win-win.  They get top notch help, I get to keep my job skills current.

And this is what happened:  I made a list of everything thing I can do, and the fact that I have a good eye for graphic design caught their eye.  So, I stepped outside my comfort zone and made a flyer for their September event.

Everyone knew I was "stretching" myself, so I headed to to see what I could do.

I've been pushing this graphic design/branding platform with my students in the Brilliant Blogging class.  I knew it was the best way for me to learn everything Canva can do and I dove in.

(I also made a program for this event.  It seems out of order because it's printer ready ;-)


Since August, I have created two more flyers.

I am getting all kinds of compliments.

And I am definitely learning how awesome Canva is.  So much so that I am contemplating teaching everything I've learned via a mini-class or webinar.

I used two platforms to create this one: Canva and Picmonkey.  


So, doing this was great for me and has also been great for Harvey House of NW Ohio.

It was really good for me, because it got my brain focused on providing a service.  And it was not too long after creating the first flyer that I decided to freelance all of my skills.  

And that's all it took.  I empowered myself and my life really started to change.

I started telling people that I was self-employed and it created a shift in my situation. (More on that later ;-)


What choice can you make this week, to change the trajectory of your current path?

Drop me a line and let me know how it goes, or share in the comments below :)

And, if you are so inclined, here is a crowd funding link for donations to Harvey House of NW Ohio. 


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