Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kitty Scrapbook

So, now that Ken and I are only one cat away from officially being crazy cat people, I find myself living in a completely different world than when we only had two cats.

Adding a kitten to our little family has been, frustrating and life changing.

Grieving the absence of old rituals, watching Buddy and Zizzy drift apart, getting used to not being able to skip a day cleaning up the litter area (and no more cheap litter), not being able to keep the bedroom door open because Pewter keeps marking his territory in this one last spot, and THE FLEAS! OMG! 

But it has been so worth it because this kitten was not/is not ferral, and needed to be inside.

They have their moments when they all hang out.  It makes Pewter really happy, Buddy tolerates it (he's been physically sensitive since a bowel blockage due to flea stress - poor guy) and Zizzy is very clear about her personal space because she does not like Pewter's playfulness.

But, how can you not love watching a kitten grow and learn his environment?  

It's so frickin' cute!


Poor guy.  Poor cats, in general, but especially Buddy.

I had no idea they had fleas.  They weren't scratching  They don't go outside.  Then I remembered how my previous cat reacted to getting fleas from the basement in that old house we lived in and we bathed all three cats.

Then, we bathed them again, because it didn't seem to work.

Then, Buddy just kept getting sicker and sicker, so I ended up at the animal emergency at 1 AM.

He stayed for two days.  They cleaned up some especially bad bites and cleared a bowel blockage, due to flea stress.

The flea situation didn't get any better, so we bathed them all a third time and took them to my mom and dad's so we could flea bomb the apartment. (That same night, Ken's father passed away.)


Our home has been turned upside down, as only a little kitten can do.  My lovely sacred space on my porch slowly crashed to the ground, bit by bit as Pewter got bigger and bigger.  

I set up my plant stand on the porch to save my plants and it stayed up, regardless of how windy it got, all Summer. Then we got our weather change from Hurricane Joaquin.

I won't even try to compare what I deal with in Northwest Ohio to what my friends on the eastern and southern coasts contend with, but, without fail, this weather pattern also affects our weather too.  Generally, we go from nice 70 degree weather to cold, rain and lot of wind.  This year was no different, and I came home the other day to this:

Needless to say, I had no problem ditching my futon after this (a flea casualty, along with some chairs that have needed to go, anyway.)


It's been quite the couple of months with the kitty crew.  Now we're focusing on chilling out some behaviors.

Zizzy has taken to being a big bully, since Pewter and Buddy got along so well at the beginning.  It's normal, just like Pewter marking his territory.  It's just part of being a cat and having your living dynamic change.

We're using some homeopathic remedies to try and keep the peace.  I really miss seeing Buddy and Zizzy snuggling up together.  That's probably been the hardest thing for me to deal with.

But!  Winter is coming, so we'll see.  Maybe the weather will force them back together ;-)

All right.  That's the chaos-that-is-my-home update.

I'd love to hear about your experiences with adding new pets to your home.

Share away, in the comments below.


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