Monday, November 16, 2015

A Personal Note From Latrelle: No Excuses November!

Happy November to you!

How are you?

Look at how beautiful the tree outside my porch is this year.

It's a joy being able to watch its leaves change colors every year.


First of all. I want to send a huge THANKS! and *Hugs* to everyone who sent well wishes our way.

Ken and I are getting our bearings after the unexpected loss of his father. October was full of weekly visits to his father's house to help Ken's brother settle his estate, and we won't see the end for another five months.

It's been an interesting pace to adapt to.


I was going to write you a little note about the unfinished projects staring me in the face. About how it's been an unusual year, making things a little more difficult.

Then I saw the light.

Really, have any of us ever NOT had an unusual year? Haha!

So, with that revelation I am using this post, to hold myself accountable.

The idea of sharing these projects with you is what gets me "jazzed" about them the most.

So! No excuses.

Keep an eye on your inbox. I will be looking for beta testers for my new, mini power-course and will be sharing a very special gift with you, just in time for the holidays.


Oh, yeah.

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See you soon!

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