Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Brilliant Blogging : The Highlights

During my self sustaining epiphone, I also decided that it was time to finally conduct a four week class for my Brilliant Bloggers who wanted a little more accountability.

I drummed up a few people who were interested and we all dove in.

I had an idea of how I thought things would go, and for the most part, that's the way things went.


Well,first of all, scheduling the bulk of this class to take place during a Mercury Retrograde was interesting.

I knew, no matter what, that life would get in the way and most of my students wouldn't get their blog up and running.

Then, life got in the way, for me, as well, and the class ended up running six weeks, with no one having an account with at least two posts up.

I'll admit, there was a small part of me that was disappointed, but I knew what was going on in everyone's lives and wasn't surprised.


This class really seems to work best when I let my students go at their own pace, making myself available for questions when needed.

I am a proud, beaming teacher.  Please check these out.  I am just thrilled:

Meiring's Farm and Deb's Wacky World

(And, of course, my original student who I helped face to face - my mother, Lynn's Lore.)

But, I did design it to be a resource with weekly actions steps, or "homework" that complement each module, so that if someone wants to get up and running quickly, they can.


I asked the students why they thought they did not have their blogs up, after an additional two weeks.

It's not uncommon, when beta testing for free to not have the same enthusiasm or dedication as when we pay for something.

Everyone admitted that, really, this had little to do with it, and that it was simply bad timing.

I also noticed, that even though I preach repeatedly that it doesn't have to be perfect, that this is something that will grow over time, you just have to start throwing it all up there - everyone was stuck because they either: a) didn't want to pick the wrong blogging platform b) stuck on a name for their blog or c) wanted their first blog post to be perfect.

These are all things that I can easily address, a couple of which I hadn't even thought of as being mental blocks.

As a result, I call this first round a success, due to the amount of knowledge I gained.


So, as I said, the exciting thing is that I learned a lot from this first class.

I learned how to better accommodate my students.  I learned more about what limitations will present themselves.  I learned that what I preach to all my students is true: everyone means well, but, life can get in the way to the point that you have to even set aside a short four week program.

I also learned that this is something I truly love doing.  I lose track of time and get so excited when it's time to help out my Brilliant Bloggers.

This class ain't goin' nowhere ;-D


I have decided to stay at the introductory price for just a little bit longer.

I am nowhere near ready to market it and I don't even have the sales page finished. So anyone who wants access for life, for this one time cost - now's the time to jump in!

Go on!  Start your own Brilliant Blogging journey!


P.S.  Not real comfortable trying out something you know nothing about?  Click on "more info" above, to learn more and check out what my students, and some established bloggers, have to say - below.  

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