Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Life Empowerment Tips III


I am so excited.

This series is going very strong and is always so well received, especially from my email subscribers.

I've really enjoyed hearing everything you have had to share about applying these techniques to your life.  So many life changes and lots of positive growth going on out there :)

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The G.R.O.W. Method

I discovered Sarah Liddle, a coach for Life Coaches, not too long ago.  She is cute as a button and has so much wisdom to share. She does not hold back and is not afraid to share tidbits that most would charge for.

A couple of months ago, she shared a little strategy called the G.R.O.W. method. This method is the perfect little "sit down and get focused" process, for anyone who feels stuck, or may find themselves at a standstill.

I love this.  It reminds me of the Personal Insight Tarot Reading I created years ago.  It's quite powerful because it elevates your awareness and assists you in taking responsibility.

Go get yourself a pen and some paper. Let's get started:
  • G (goal) - First you must establish your goal or desired outcome.  Get specific and don't be afraid to dream big.
  • R (reality) - Second, you must be honest and real about what is going on in your life, right now.  What's working?  What's not working? Are you settling?
  • O (options) - Thirdly, make a list of your options.  Get real clear about this.  Don't overlook anything.  Consider all of the possibilities present in your life right now.
  • W (way forward) - Finally, what action can you take right now, today, to move you toward your desired outcome?  Remember, it's the simple, daily actions that will keep you on track.  Slow and steady.

My final recommendation:  Revisit this process once a week.  It will help you stay the course and is great for navigating life's "rough spots".

I can't wait to hear how the  G.R.O.W. Method works out for you!  

Drop me a line, or share your progress in the comments below :)

Good Luck!

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