Wednesday, December 9, 2015

For The Millennials...

I have discovered that the best way to stay connected with my nieces is to stay digital.

Texting and Facebook keep us connected when face to face time keeps getting rarer and rarer.

It's my 21 year old niece that I currently have a more digital relationship with.

She's a very busy lady and stays connected with her smartphone.

Whenever I see something that I think she would like, I send it her way.


So, here's a few things I've shared with my niece in the past month.

Great stuff for young women just stepping out into the "real world."

First: A great blog post from the COO of Leonie Dawson International.  It's meant to be business advice, but it is actually great life advice as well.

Second:  It's almost second nature for Millennials to be conscious about their carbon footprint.  And what better way to reduce and reuse than to regrow veggies right in your very own kitchen?!  Plus, what young person doesn't want more money in their wallet ;-)

Third: Going vegan goes hand in hand with reducing that carbon footprint and taking responsibility for your own health (another idea that is second nature for Millennials).  And when it comes to going vegan, Christina Pirello is the only guide you need

Fourth:  The Millennial ladies are not afraid to grow their hair.  When I stumbled upon this blog post at A Beautiful Mess, I immediately thought of my niece and her long locks.

That's it for now.

Hope you found these helpful, no matter what generation you find yourself in.

Love and hugs,

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