Thursday, December 3, 2015

Reflections On Healing

Well, it goes without saying.  In my world, 2015 was the year of healing.

I was given the opportunity to stop, be still, listen, learn and heal (on every level).


It started in January, on my way back to work.  Things weren't right and the Universe stepped in to answer some prayers. (These posts are written under my pen name.)

The first four months of this year, I was laser focused on healing my ankle fracture.

May through mid July were all about physical therapy and learning to walk again.

And the rest of the year has been all about the daily, bit-by-bit, step-by-step healing that continues - ON EVERY LEVEL - once the doctors and therapists say their farewells.

The entire rundown is HERE.


You don't just heal your injuries and move on.

All through my healing, I have been inspired and empowered by wounded soldiers who go for years without seeing their homes because of the intense rehab they have to go through. Thinking of them would snap me out of feeling sorry for myself when I was at my parents', missing Ken and my cats.

And, just the other day, I was inspired, again, by a soldier I saw on PBS.

People look at him now, seemingly adjusted to his new life with artificial legs and comment "It's so good to see how you've moved on."

His response to this is that, even though he's three years away from the initial trauma, he hasn't really moved on, he just keeps moving.

Because so much physical and mental energy goes into healing and physical rehab, it can take years for your psyche to heal. And really, in his case, his life has changed so dramatically, it's more like the psyche changes and adapts.

Hearing him admit this made me breathe a little easier.


There are days where I am able to fully engage with where my life is at, without having my ankle be too much of an issue or consideration (because I've adapted to the pain and stiffness, which, week by week, gets better and better).

And there are days when the Universe reminds me that I am healing a physical and emotional trauma, not just an injury.  

These are the days when I realize how far I've come.

When I take in what I was REALLY dealing with.

I get a little overwhelmed, cry, and let it all go.

Physically, I am healed.

The rest will take more time.

And, in the meantime, I just keep moving.


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