Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Facebook Page


Aside from building my immune system back up this month, another round of grief came-a-knockin'.  Just enough to sidetrack me from the task at hand over here in my world.

I decided another sharing of my personal Facebook page would help tell the story.  Only this time, it's not full of funnies.

(Heads Up! - This is my personal Facebook account, so, you will see profanity.)


...with a text from my sister.  I was sitting in bed crying when Ken came in to give me news as well.

So, of course, my next stop was Facebook:

Changed my profile picture and was not at all surprised to see how nicely it all fit with the theme of my background photo:

Vented about some stuff that ticked me off over at the coaching page:

Had some friends help me put it all in perspective:

Was treated to how a whole other generation was processing their loss, thanks to my nieces and their friends:

Had a next door neighbor from childhood send me a giggle

And the beautiful tributes that started popping up.  So, lovely:


I loved Kevin Smith's tribute the best


As the week went on, I was relieved to see that I was not the only one taking his passing so hard.  

Even days after his initial passing, memes and posts kept popping up.

This is a great tribute from Conan O'brien.  It's so fun and uplifting, then, there's that split second at the end of the segment when you see Obrien's grief slip in.  

When you see something like that, you know you're not over reacting ;-)


And you know I took part in it: 

It's almost like a science fiction story.   "The artist that had such a profound affect on the humans of Earth that a constellation was created to remember him by."

A very fitting tribute.


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