Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Life Empowerment Tips VI

Tell Your Mind What To Think...

WAIT!  Don't leave!

This month's Life Empowerment Tip is not about positive thinking. It's about something more...

I absolutely adore this tip from Life Coach, Brooke Castillo, who wants you to accept your mind's natural tendency to go "to the negative".

She clarifies this by pointing out that we don't need to listen to our minds. She stresses, instead, the more important action of talking to it.

"Even with all the self-coaching I have done, my mind is still relentless.
At least once a day-it comes up with something horrible to think.
My new favorite reply is, "I disagree".
I hear you.  I see you.  I disagree."

Isn't this great?  Instead of setting aside time everyday to inundate your mind with positive affirmations, think about disagreeing with your mind instead.

"Be willing to let [your mind] be wrong.
If it's anything like mine, it most often is.
Tell it what you want it to know.

[Let it know its] opinion is noted, but [yours] matters more."

I would love to hear how this tip works out for you!

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