Thursday, February 25, 2016


I updated my personal profile picture on Facebook, at the end of January.

Then this happened:

Yes, if you've discovered this blog, post 2013 or so, you might not know that I am also a photographer.

I have never really pursued it, intensely, as a means of income.

Basically, I love capturing moments and I fancy myself a pretty good art photographer.

In the process of beating myself up, just a little, I remembered...


Our good friend Tony, among other things, is an amature drag queen ( Eclipse Galyxy )

So, of course, he has learned all kinds of makeup skills over the years and his wigs are always fantastic, not to mention his costumes.

So, last year, my niece and her friend started Facebooking him pictures for advice on hairdos, makeup techniques, and dresses.

I love that her generation goes to dances in clumps.  She and her four besties all went together.  And she and her friend decided to get ready together.

Then they asked if he would come over and help them get ready.

He was thrilled, and agreed.


This year, I wanted to be a part of it.

And I knew I wanted to photograph the day.

I took over 100 pictures, posted 26 to Facebook for the girls to share, and took some time deciding which ones were "art" worthy ;-)


And, here are the winners.

I am so proud of these.

It feels so good to have done something like this again.

It's been several years.

And, I gotta tell ya,  Generation Selfie have most certainly learned how to work the camera!

#NoFear - haha!

Yeah, no self esteem issues with these gals!

So beautiful!

So fun!

Thank You, Girls!

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