Friday, March 4, 2016

Brilliant Blogging Is Now FREE!

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Will you be following up with other courses that will bring in income?"

"Always amazing!!! As you continue to be [a] true testimony to the 'get what you give motto' ..."

These were just a few thoughts from some of my current Brilliant Bloggers when I shared the news:


Well, here's what's happened with a good chunk of my Brilliant Bloggers.

Since I compiled all this information into a course format, what seems to happen is people go into "school" mode.

They seem to overlook that this is a DIY course and that going at your own pace is encouraged.

Far too many freeze and succumb to judgment

This is the exact opposite of the inspired fluidity of my original intention.


I created Brilliant Blogging as a guide to help anyone get online for $12 a year or less. Therefore, I have always struggled with the price.  

I believe in the exchange of money for information. I believe in the exchange of money for one's time and energy. I know people will pay for Brilliant Blogging, because they have.

This course was my "dry run" into the world of e-course creation. It was a fantastic way for me to spend my time while my ankle healed. And now it's time to let it go and see what it can truly become.


From here on out, Brilliant Blogging will be a FREE, closed Facebook group, with access to workbooks valued at $47, for anyone who wants to establish their own blog for $12 a year, or less.

That's it. It was just that simple.

Thanks for all your support!

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