Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How I Refilled My Creative Well

Something was missing.


I'd been doing EVERYTHING I could think of to fill what was on empty.

It can be hard to tell sometimes, what it is that needs refueling.

Since a great deal of my creative energy still goes to healing my ankle, and, more recently, a bad tooth -- I decided that my creative juices were what needed replenishing.

So, I chose to inundate myself with art.


Started by watching one of my favorite, independent films from the last three years, Adult World.

I love everything about this movie.

It's basically a perfect articulation of how Gen X feels about the majority of Millennials, courtesy of John Cusack and director, Scott Coffey .

And the fact that the two Millennials, "fighting the tide" in this film are Emma Roberts and Evan Peters, well, this of course led to, what turned out to be needing a huge dose of Ryan Murphy.

It all began with American Horror Story: Coven. (If you are a sensitive person, these trailers may be a bit much for you.)

Which led to a two week Asylum/Freak Show binge.

Murphy gets such incredible performances out of his actors.

And everyone who really knows me, knows that I could watch Evan Peters everyday and never get tired of it ;-)

After that, I felt a lot less depleted, but not inspired at all.


So, I started listening to all my favorite music on Pandora.

This helped immensely, which led to realizing that, thanks to all my energy being focused on my degree in the 2000s...

I had never truly explored Jack White's entire repertoire.

He's a Detroit-er.

I like to call Detroit the "Yale" of Rock and Roll College.

Toughest audiences on the planet, because they are filled with musicians ;)

I didn't need to be advised by an entertainment reporter in regards to his live performance.

AND I haven't been to a live show in ages: the one thing that ALWAYS fills me up and inspires me.

This was a no-brainer.

I moved on to watching a live Jack White performance.

Which led to a 24 hour Jack White binge on YouTube.

Which, then, of course! led to me feeling a bit like a silly school girl, so I dug a bit into my psyche to justify where I was at - haha! ;-)

It's the innovativeness of his music and his drive.

Tickle my brain and you've got me.

Inspire me?  Well, then it's all over.

But more importantly...


He reminds me of a time when I was fearless and chose to be in a place where the creative energy was blossoming into something very unique and cool: Detroit, 1990 - 1996

A time when I never questioned my intuition and did exactly what felt right and light.

He was there too, and like everyone from that time who was meant for something more, he had to leave Detroit to truly blossom.


Of course a big part of that frame of mind is the 20 year old's world view.

But, I've discovered that it is possible to get that inspiration and drive back.

You just need to replenish what you've drained.

No, you won't feel like you are in your 20s again. You will feel better.

Better because your creative well will be full, you will be inspired and you will have more drive...

- BUT! -

You will also be WISER, and this is worth every depeleted well that you have ever filled and will ever need to fill in the future.


I dreamed I was walking around who knows where in the Astral Plain, with my brother of another mother, who is also a former band mate from that special time in Detroit.

We walked past Ryan Murphy, Jack White, Evan Peters and all sorts of other people who creatively inspire me.

We all smiled and nodded as we passed each other.

No time for chit-chat.

All of us on our way to where our intuition was leading us.

The next stop in our creative journey.

I'm going to venture to say that dream means my creative well is full enough to move on.

How about you?


Love and Hugs,

P.S.  Feeling depleted?  Be sure to check out the very special Mini Spiritual Retreat I created just for you.  It's free and has already helped so many people "refill their cup".
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