Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How To Know When It's Time To Stop...

Has this ever happened to you?

Let me share a little blip from my life from last month and see if it resonates with anyone else...


I had so many ideas and no idea which way to go?

I was so overwhelmed with inspiration that I didn't know what was a good idea and what was just an idea ;-)

Then I got sick.

Then work became overwhelming.

Then I froze.

I stepped back and realized my only option was to "Stop!".

So, without any explanation, I walked away from everything I am doing here, for about a week.

And that's when it all started to come together.


Sounds crazy, right?

Our parents raise us to never give up.  If we started something, we had to finish.  If we made a commitment, we had to follow through.

Then, we grow up and life happens.

Soon, we come to realize that there will always be things out of our control, that don't necessarily fit the basics of how we were raised.

It's important to be reliable, but then the reality of doing what is best for us sets in.

So, in my case, just because I committed to blogging at least six times a month, and have a nice business plan to follow this year, doesn't mean that it's all carved in stone and I can't sway from it.

I knew I needed to step away, and scheduling a bunch of posts that didn't come from my heart made absolutely no sense.

I chose to do nothing.


If you missed it, I recently decided to make my first course, Brilliant Blogging, a free facebook group.

One of the things I share in the group are little tips to keep you on top of your blogging game.

The week after my unannounced hiatus, I shared something a little different:


Walking away made so much sense that I had to make sure my Brilliant Bloggers knew that it's OK to step back to gain a little perspective, no matter what stage you're at.


Even if you are not a blogger or a member of the Brilliant Blogging group, you too have permission to stop if nothing's making sense.


You'll be pleasantly surprised.

It's good medicine!


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