Thursday, April 14, 2016

So Random...

This is is undoubtedly the most random and non-cohesive post I've ever put together.

The only thing most of the following photos have in common is that they are extra shots that did not fit into what I was creating at the time.

Let's give this a whirl!


I was going to share all the cleaning I did in the end of the year post.

This photo did not make the cut.

Even though the clutter was cut in half, it still looked messy.

It reminded me of Monica's secret closet on Friends, where she hid all the stuff she didn't have a place for, thus shattering her Martha Stewart, perfect image.

BTW - Did you know that when you Google "Monica's Closet" this is what pops up?

Pretty cool - huh?



The picture says it all.

I was working on my bed one day, looked down, and saw this:


This is what I kept telling my good friend who came to visit me the weekend of April 8th.

Heaven forbid either of us take the time to check an actual weather report.

We woke up on April 9th to this:

Not my photo - Credit goes to Jennifer White
That's me cleaning off her car in exaggerated disbelief.  Ha!

It was beautiful.

She has been in Tennessee for 20 years, and grew up near Chicago.

We met when she was going to school in Detroit.

I went inside to take care of something and let her play in the snow.

She was ecstatic :)


And - Finally.

After not having pinkeye for over 39 years, I have gotten pinkeye twice since I started my new job, even though I do all I can to keep my hands away from my face.

Here's a throw away from the end of the year post where I shared my first round.

The second time around I was determined to treat it naturally because I was not about to drag it out for days until I could see a doctor.

Here's what I discovered:

1/4 tsp. honey (I used really good, locally harvested honey)
1/4 C distilled water
pinch of sea salt

First of all,  I keep the infection from spreading by frequently rinsing my eye with water, away from the other eye.

(I did this the first time and the doctors were astounded that the infection had not spread to my other eye, or to Ken.)

I put 2 drops of the above mixture in my eye every couple of hours, while also continuing to rinse.

This makes your eye look a little worse, AT FIRST!

I went to bed and when I woke up the infection was gone.

When I returned from work their was a little irritation in the corner, so I did the above routine until I went to bed.

For the following week, any time my eye was a little "waterier" than the other, I put in the drops and rinsed.


First of all, if I have no problem putting chemical antibiotics in my eye, why would I not try a little honey diluted in water?

Secondly, it makes perfect sense.

Honey is the original anti-bacterial Bad-Boy.

And, PLEASE!  If you are allergic to honey, or distilled water or sea salt, do not use this.

Also, I am NOT a doctor, I am NOT a licensed homeopath or nutritionist.

I have been exploring alternative/home remedies since the early '90s.

There is very little, scientific proof that this, or most home remedies work.

I just know they work for me.

I also know that the hospital my good friend works at carries medical grade honey as a prescription for nursing mothers with raw nipples.

These are the facts.

Proceed with caution, at your own risk.

You have been educated and you have been warned.

Until next time!

Much love,

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