Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Five Ways To Clear Your Space

There are all sorts of articles and blog posts on the Internet with advice about how to clear your space.  It's really not as foreign a concept as it used to be.

This idea is an integral part of the Mini Spiritual Retreat I created for my inner-circle.  In fact, it's the first thing I have you do to declare your Retreat time.

And, even if you haven't discovered the life changing benefits of the Mini Spiritual Retreat, you can at least reap the rewards of learning how to clear any space you may be in, to make it your Sacred Space.


So, why would you want to clear your space if you aren't doing a retreat?

These came to mind as I chewed on that question:

1. After an argument or disagreement - to change course.
2. At the start of a new project - a clean slate.
3. If things "just haven't been right".
4. To create room - space for manifesting.

Basically, any time you need to shake things up, clear your space.


This is what I do:

1.  Physically clear it.  Declutter, just one room.  Start with your retreat room, or maybe a room that will be the quickest to clean.  Regardless, seeing clean, organized space that was once cluttered, can really calm your mind and help you focus.  Even if you only have time to clear your email, you will notice a shift.

2.  Smudge or incense. Make sure you are clear of curtains, drapes and tapestries (or anything flammable - please use common sense and be safe).  Then light up a smudge stick and wave the smoke around your space.  Or simply light some incense.  Once the room has filled with smoke, snap it out the door or windows with a towel.

3. Bring in some nature.  A bouquet of flowers, some herbs from outside, houseplants, or maybe even some beautiful leaves during the Fall.  You will really see a notable difference in a room that is dominated by technology.  Once everything is shut down and natural elements are brought in, there is an instant shift in the environment.

4. Ring a bell.  Change your focus and vibration by ringing a bell.  Especially if you have access to a Tibetan singing bowl. They have a healing vibration that can change the course of any situation.

5. Light a candle - Something about the elemental aspect of fire. For me, it takes me to memories of camp fires, especially if a candle is lit on a warm summer day. They are also, very spiritual and have been used in rituals all through the ages.  Energy from a burning candle is one of my favorite ways to clear a space.


What do you do to clear your space?

Do you have daily rituals?

Or do you do it when it just feels like the right time?

I'd love to hear from you.

Leave a comment, below, or send me a private message.


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